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App: For Barrayar

Name: Hope
Preferred pronouns: She&her
Over 16?: Yep!
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Type: OU character, setting-native
Name: Byerly Vorrutyer
Canon: The Vorkosigan Saga
Canon point: From shortly after A Civil Campaign
Age: 30ish
Appearance: PB is Jonathan Rhys Meyers who is very far from perfect but dammit I searched long and hard for someone who looked slimy and punchable enough.

  • On the surface, Byerly looks like a Vor town clown and not much more than that. Shiftless and feckless, he seems to live only to drink, get high, and say catty things about his frenemies.

  • REALLY catty things. Byerly's wit is nasty and withering.

  • In truth, By is a high-ranking informant for Imperial Security's Domestic Affairs division. His primary source of income is observing and reporting on High Vor society. This identity is top secret and well-hidden. He almost never breaks character and always is pushing the image of himself as someone who's only interested in the next party and cadging the next bit of charity from too-generous friends. (To be fair, that's because that's really who he is when he's not on the job.)

  • As an informant, he's phenomenally weaselly, even for an ImpWeasel: he's manipulative and ruthless, even towards people whom he actually likes. Towards his enemies, forget about it: he'll do goddamn anything to entrap them in their worst impulses.

  • That said, all of that makes him really, really good at what he does.

  • His work as an informant is hugely important to him - because of the money, sure, and because of Barrayaran patriotism, sure (ugh), but more than anything because it lets him work out his much-hidden need for justice. Having someone out there working to clear the innocent is very important to him.

  • Said much-hidden need for justice also leads him to choose his targets very carefully. He'll never turn his nastiness on people who can't handle it, either because they're not equal to his own wit or because they just don't deserve a little nastiness. He's a shit, but he's not a bully.

  • But he's really a shit. Rude, inappropriate, immensely over-the-top, hugely inconsiderate of others' desires, ready and willing to exploit others' sense of politeness and propriety to get them to do what he wants them to do - he's the complete package of rottenness. Just sometimes he's rotten on the side of the angels.

Background/AU details:

  • Byerly was born into a non-inheriting branch of the Vorrutyer family. This made him High Vor, and socially prominent, without any actual responsibilities or prestige attached to that.
    He had a bad relationship with his parents. The only one he was close to was his sister, with whom he had a protective, affectionate relationship. Someone started a rumor that the relationship was sexual; in spite of both of them denying it, his father believed it and separated them.

  • Byerly left school - and the family - afterwards and went to live a drunken life in the capital surrounded by shitty people, hoping dearly to die of cyrrhosis of the liver. While there, he ended up being quietly groomed by an ImpSec informant who after some time officially recruited him into the organization.

  • He then proceeded to work for ImpSec, spying on High Vor malcontents, while simultaneously getting drunk every night. Success!

Strengths & weaknesses:

  • Intelligence
  • Espionage skills - not equal to those of a lifelong spy, but he's well-trained
  • Can hold his liquor
  • Amazing liar
  • Familiarity with High Vor society
  • Excellent education (at least up to the point where he left school to go get drunk all the time)
  • Wit and.....well, not charm, let's just say "wit"
  • Manipulative
  • Moderate skill with weaponry
  • Hard as hell to catch off-guard
  • Loyal in a way that almost makes up for his intense self-interest
  • Cheerful willingness to sleep with anything and everything for information (or fun!)


  • Alcohol dependency, bless him
  • Fear of heights
  • Really not as cool or capable as he pretends to be, bless him
  • Thank god STIs were eliminated in the future is all I'm saying
  • Not marriage material
  • Paranoid suspicion of literally everyone, because that's what ImpWeasels do
  • Loyal in a way that sometimes undermines his self-interest
  • Cheerful willingness to drag in innocent bystanders into trouble without any regard for their wishes

Depowering/humanization: N/A!
Placement preference: Oh, shit, I'm willing to go for either. If he's placed with Cetaganda, though, he's going to work to get information to Barrayar; if he's placed with Barrayar, he's going to try to earn enough trust to be placed as a spy on the Cetagandan side.

Character goals:

  • Byerly is going to aim to do what he does best: get people drunk and in bed with him and thereby get info from them. So he's going to try to embed himself with Cetaganda and earn their trust enough that he'll be able to smuggle information to the Barrayaran side.
  • He's also going to try to quietly work to use his knowledge of the future to get Barrayar into a better position. He'll support efforts to disseminate technology and culture to the Barrayaran side.
  • Also, where are the drugs?? Drugs please.

Sample: Here!